IBM TS3200 Library Supports The High Capacity LTO5 Tape Cartridges

Published: 18th April 2011
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Competitive business environment, new data retention legislations, heightened security concerns and exponential data growth has amplified the data storage needs. IBM is a world-leading expert in backup tape media, drive and library solutions. IBM TS3200 library is the perfect solution for medium-size computing systems, storage intensive enterprises and complex servers. IBM TS3200 library uses the LTO ultrium technology, which is indeed the most dominant tape-based technology. Multivendor compatibility is the unique selling point of LTO tape format that secures your investment. LTO ultrium format has been co-invented by IBM.

LTO generations supported by TS3200 library are LTO 5, 4 and 3. Along with 48 tape cartridges, it can house up to 4 half-height & 2 full-height drives. With LTO-5 tape media, the recording capacity of IBM TS3200 library reaches a maximum of 144 TB (compressed). You can record up to 76.8 TB and 38.4 TB compressed data with LTO-4 tape and LTO-3 tape respectively.

IBM TS3200 library provides tremendous recording capacity in a small 4U form factor, enabling the customers of space constrained I.T environments to meet their growing storage requirements at lowest cost per GB. Remote management is an advantageous feature that facilitates the data administrators to manage the library operations via standard Web interface. A special bar-code reader also has been embedded in TS3200 tape library that delivers excellent performance in both random and sequential media access modes.

Compressed data transfer rate offered by LTO-3 drive is 160 Mbps, and LTO-4 drive delivers up to 120 MB/second. LTO-5 drives offers highest transfer rate of 280 Mbps (compressed). IBM LTO products are designed to withstand unfavorable working conditions and high duty cycles. That is why the I.T professionals prefer IBM LTO solution for long term storage and data protection. IBM LTO cartridges and their part numbers are:

08L9120, IBM LTO-1 ultrium tape

08L9870, IBM LTO-2 tape

96P1203, IBM LTO-3 tape

95P4436, IBM LTO4 tape

46X1290, IBM LTO-5 tape

LTO-5 ultrium tape format continues to support drive-level data encryption along with the advantageous write-once read-many (WORM) mechanism. Combination of these reliable data protection technologies not only robustly secure your data but also help to satisfy the stringent government regulations. IBM LTO-5 tape drives feature dynamic channel calibration that contributes to the ultra-high data transfer rate and fast media access.

IBM TS3200 tape library makes media choice extremely flexible and enhances the compatibility with its broad range of host interfaces. TS3200 library features 4 GB Fiber channel, 6 GB SAS, 3 GB SAS and 8 GB fiber channel interfaces. The library can be installed with rack mount kit or as a standalone unit. TS3200 is a functionally rich tape library that can be confidently integrated in a variety of open systems especially the IBM System x & IBM Power systems.

IBM LTO products deliver highest reliability and are most cost-efficient in their class. So install the TS3200 library and handle the stiff backup storage challenges at a greater value. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.

Rob Miller is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets IBM LTO4 tape and LTO 5 tapes. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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